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Wireless Alarm Annunciators


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Now days, a major portion of electrical and electronics industry have switched upon industrial automation system. In electrical system, all time attention is given to the processes and plants are very much essential, irrespective of the voltage levels. In electrical and electronics systems, the word Annunciator literally means the device which announces the mishaps or unusual activities, coming from the system or process associated with it.

Microcontroller Based Alarm Annunciators are designed to keep an alert and watchful eye on your plant and processes wirelessly. It is useful for indicate status of motor, cooling tower , diesel generator etc.

In order to understand the fundamental operation and connections of alarm Annunciator, we have to understand the basic concept of alarming system in process monitoring. Suppose, an electromagnetic coil is energized by power supply and acts as an electromagnet for certain application. Now, because of over voltage a portion of the coil has been burnt. As a consequence, the entire process associated with it gets hampered. So, when finding the very cause of this mishap, you have to check each and every part of the system in order to find and recognize the actual fault. Now think you have 50 such coils, which you have to monitor. In this case finding the actual faulty coil becomes very difficult and time consuming too.

But if you connect a bulb in series with the power supply of each coil, it glows if and only if the coil is energized and healthy. In this way, for 50 such electromagnetic coils you need to use 50 bulbs each of them connected in series with each of the individual coil through which you can monitor the processes by viewing the glow status of those bulbs. This is the basic and easiest model of process monitoring.

Alarm Annunciator is a centralized model, which gives audio visual signals for the faulty processes. Latest models of annunciators are based upon microprocessor or microcontroller circuitry, which ensures the maximum reliability as well as enhanced wide ranges of features and functionalities.